Little-Known Facts About Energy Drinks in Nigeria

By now a good number of people already know about energy drinks and what makes them special. Now there has been a mixed reaction from people concerning energy drinks in Nigeria and today I’m going to tell you some interesting facts about these drinks which will demystify the myth surrounding them and keep your mind at ease whenever you take a sip or a swig.

Low caffeine content

A lot of armchair critics have argued that energy drinks are dangerously high in caffeine content. This is emphatically not true as recent research has proven that most energy drinks in the country possess similar or much lower amounts of caffeine than your regular cups of coffee, many of which contain around half of the caffeine of a similarly-sized coffeehouse coffee. Usually, a 16 fluid ounce of energy drink has between 160 and 240 milligrams of caffeine. The same size of a regular coffeehouse coffee contains around 300 to 330 milligrams. That aside, caffeine has been safely taken around the world for centuries.

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Mixing it with alcohol won’t stop you from getting drunk

Mixing of alcoholic drinks with energy drinks is a popular act in bars, dance clubs and some other social functions. Those who engage in these acts usually do so with the idea that the caffeine and other ingredients supporting mental alertness in the ingredients of the energy drinks will stop or reduce the intoxication from alcohol. This is not true. Energy drinks are not a cure for alcoholic intoxication. As a matter of fact, they will not stop you from getting drunk. So, driving and performing other sensitive tasks after taking a mix of alcohol and energy drinks must be avoided totally.

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Energy drinks have been round for years now

Some sections of people believe that energy drinks only became popular some few years ago. Well, sorry to break their hearts but as early as the 1970s, energy drinks started appearing around Europe and Asia. The distribution spread across to the United States of America later in the 1990s and then to other parts of the world over the next decade after that.

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Ingredients used in energy drinks are very healthy

In fact, it is understood that majority of the basic ingredients found in energy drinks occur naturally in several foods we enjoy on a regular including seafood, poultry, grains, as well as plants. What better way to enjoy your favourite meals than washing it down with a can of chilled, smooth mamba energy drink?

With these awesome facts, I hope I have put some unsettled minds at rest about energy drinks and its consumption in Nigeria. Why not step out now and grab a can?