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Football is like a religion in most European nations and the El Clasico is the most anticipated match of the European football calendar.

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Rivalries on the field are engendered by deep-seeded politics and bolstered by fundamentally opposing identities. To understand the rivalry and ultimately the irreconcilable identities of the Catalonians and the madrilénos, one must navigate a great breadth of cultural running throughout Spanish history.

For Real Madrid and Barcelona there is no better yardstick to use in measuring how successful both clubs season had gone than this match. Of course, achieving success in Europe remains the ultimate goal, but such has been the dominance of these two teams over the past decade that beating each other is often a good indicator of forthcoming continental success.

Games between Barcelona and Real Madrid reverberates, not just on the La Liga table but across the history of Spain.

A country’s history, both internal and external can be traced through its sporting culture. For example, the rivalry and the tension in the air that exists whenever Nigeria and Ghana take to the field in any grade football match. The same goes for the ashes rivalry between England and Australia, seen as a fight between the conquerors and the conquered, most European countries that are reflected in their footballing culture.

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The origins of this rivalry can be traced back to the times when General Franco’s dictatorship arose from the rubble of the Spanish civil war in the early 1940’s.

Franco’s totalitarian government denounced any form of regional identity within Spain, something that FC Barcelona was for the Catalonian people. This made the club a target of the regime along with communists and any group that were opposed to Franco’s whims and fancies.

The regime’s hatred for Barcelona and their accompanied preference for Real Madrid was there for all to see in the 1943 Copa del rey semi-finals, then known as Copa del Generalisimo in honor of Franco. While Barcelona won their home leg 3-0, they were greeted by stones and a penalty area filled with coins in Madrid.

The match started and it didn’t take long for them to realize that it was designed for them to lose. The scoreline at the end was 11-1. Fernando Argila, Barcelona’s reserve goalkeeper from the game said “There was no rivalry, not at least until that game”.

The years of Franco’s regime are peppered with stories of preferential treatment for real Madrid, although many of them are nothing more than conspiracy theories.

It is the fact that Franco did use the Santiago Bernabeu stadium as a center for diplomatic ties during the 50’s and the 60’s when Spain was internationally isolated and only time important political personalities would visit was when Spain or Real Madrid were playing an important international or European level match.

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The El Clasico is the most prominently seen match in Spain, home to the footballing juggernauts, Real Madrid and Barcelona, at least twice a year, these two “Spanish giants” cross paths and almost every fixture is memorable in its own right.

El Clasico is arguably the biggest game in club football each year with more than 400million viewers, aired in more than 90 countries, while when it comes to supporters inside the stadium, El Clasico is unparalleled. Over 30,000 more fans attended Barcelona’s games with Real Madrid than any other game between major football rivals.

The first meeting at Madrid’s Bernabeu had an attendance of 81,044 while the second at Barcelona’s Camp Nou drew a crowd of 99,264.

With respect to silverware, the two clubs are on top of the world. In terms of La Liga and the European cup, Real Madrid have 33 and 12 wins respectively – both competition records – while Barcelona 24 and 5.

This rivalry has been defined move by the extra-ordinary success that the clubs have enjoyed at both domestic and European levels and the never-ending Cristiano Ronaldo – Lionel Messi debate, despite the emergence of new superstars such as likes of Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba etc. the duo of Ronaldo and Messi are living on a totally different hemisphere.

Hatred between Madrid and Barcelona players is more or less non-existent now with the highly globalized form of sport but every once in a while, the rivalry does permeate on the pitch.


Neither club is averse to spending big money to get the players they want. As a matter of fact, between them, they have broken the world transfer record eight times. The two most expensive in the Clasico history for either side are Gareth Bale for Real and Neymar for Barca, Although the latter has since moved on to Paris in the summer.



Come Saturday, 23 December, Real Madrid will host Barcelona at the Bernabeu. And the rivalry will be renewed for this 2017/2018 La Liga season. As far as form goes Barcelona seem to have the upper hand making the stronger start to the season under new boss Ernesto Valverde.

Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane will hope to get Gareth Bale fully fit and firing in time for the Clasico after an injury hit start to the campaign. While Barca have more to worry about, Samuel Umtiti has been ruled out until the new year with a hamstring injury and Ousmane Dembele is also unlikely to return in time from his knee problem though he recently completed his first full training session since he got injured but still very doubtful to make the matchday squad. The El Clasico is just around the corner and if you’re ready to catch the match. Watch it with an Ice-cold Mamba Energy Drink.


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